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Lake Placid Volunteer Fire Department Chief Torry Hoffman answers questions from LPES kindergartners and first graders about fire safety after a tour of the LPVFD fire station on Tuesday. (Business Photo – Lauren Yates)

LAKE PLACID – This week is Fire Prevention Week, and a fire won’t be big for Lake Placid Elementary School students now that they’ve learned about fire safety from fire department firefighters volunteer from Lake Placid.

The LPVFD fire station was filled with chatter and excitement on Tuesday as LPES students walked through a fire truck, learned about home fire evacuation plans and sparked a conversation with the firefighters. Students toured the LPVFD in increments – Kindergarten and Grade 1 students were able to check out the fire station first, followed immediately by Grade 2 and 3 students before the tour ended with the students fourth and fifth years.

A shower of little hands swirled with burning questions for LPVFD Fire Chief Torry Hoffman after the kindergarten and first-graders tour — why do firefighters need fire hydrants? And what do firefighters do with their axe? Many kids just wanted to tell Hoffman they knew what to do if a fire broke out in their home: call 911.

Hoffman said the fire department typically offers fire station tours to LPES students each year, though tours were halted for the past two years during the height of the coronavirus pandemic. Hoffman said the tours are a chance for kids to both learn about fire safety and meet firefighters up close and personal — fire calls can be scary for kids, he said. said, and Tuesday gave the firefighters the opportunity to speak with the children without their “big and scary” uniforms.

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