EPA: Federal government ready to act on Jackson’s water

On Monday, Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Michael Regan again met with Jackson Mayor Chokwe Antar Lumumba, this time alongside the US Department of Justice, to chart the next course of action. regarding the city’s water system.

“Department of Justice Assistant Attorney General Todd Kim and I met today with Mayor Lumumba to discuss steps the federal government is prepared to take to help address this long-standing injustice,” Regan said in a statement. A press release. “During this meeting, I expressed our desire to work with the City to reach a legally enforceable agreement that ensures a sustainable water system in the medium and long term.

The statement does not mention the agreement between the EPA and Jackson which is already in place. The two sides signed an administrative order in 2021, which contains a list of 40 hiring and repair requirements outlined by the federal agency.

Mayor Lumumba recently said that the EPA has been flexible in setting deadlines in this agreement. All initial deadlines have since passed. Mississippi Today contacted the EPA to ask which of these items the city has encountered so far, but a spokesperson said, “Due to ongoing enforcement activities, we are unable to provide information about the city’s compliance status.

The two sides are also under a court-ordered nondisclosure agreement that prevents them from sharing a “very detailed plan” with estimated costs to fix the city’s water system, people said recently. Jackson officials. The EPA confirmed to Mississippi Today that a confidentiality order was in place, but did not provide further details.

The press release adds that Jackson has issued approximately 300 boil water advisories over the past two years.

New boil water advisories hit over 1,200 customers

Since the state health department lifted the month-and-a-half-month boil water advisory just 11 days ago, Jackson has since issued new boil water advisories for more than 1,200 customers.

The city announced Monday afternoon that a “contractor inadvertently cut the water line” for about 1,000 connections in Byram.

Jackson issued boil water advisories for the other 200 connections due to line breaks caused by increased pressure in the system, officials said. Mayor Lumumba warned residents in early September that the worn-out distribution system would be susceptible to such problems.

City workers, with help from the Mississippi Rural Water Association and crews from Maryland, Arkansas, Minnesota and South Carolina, continued repairs at Jackson’s two treatment plants. A Monday news release said crews had returned two of the raw water pumps at OB Curtis back into service before the weekend.

The city said Monday that the following areas, including Byram, Belhaven, North Jackson and Eastover, are currently under a boil water advisory:


[7300-8899] Gary Road, Byram: 39272

Gary Drive

Glen Haven Subdivision

Glennhaven Promenade

Glennhaven Court

Circle of Glenn Oak

Cedar Glenn Parkway

Brank Creek Parkway

Anse du Chêne Rouge

Cedar Glenn Cove

Anse des Trelles

Highland Cove

Azalea Cove

Glennwood Cove

Ridge location

redwood cove

Holybush Square

Circle of Glennoak

Eagle Nest Subdivision

Eagle Nest Drive

Liberty Cove

Highpoint Drive

Mountain Crest Drive

Golden Eagle Drive

Talon Cove

Anse Canyon

Ridgelea Lake Subdivision

Turtle Route

Park Avenue

Mary Lane

Lake Shore Drive

oak avenue

Pike Avenue

Ridgelea Road

Avenue of decoys

alley of meadows

S. Ridge Road

E.Ridge Road

Bob White Street

stem street

reel street

hook street

W. Ridge Road

horseshoe circle

line street

revolving street


[1200-2399] North State Street: 39202

[1600-1899] Pine Street.

[700-799] Euclid St.

[700-799] Oakwood St.

[700-799] Fairview St.

[700-799] Arlington St.

[700-799] Pinehurst Street.

[700-799] Gillespie Street.

Popcorn Alley

Park Avenue

[1300-1399] Peach Street: 39202

[5300-5599] Highland Road: 39206

[4300-4599] El Paso Street

Paso Cove

Editor’s Note: This story has been updated to include more streets affected by boil water advisories as the City of Jackson released more locations after this story was first published.

— Article credit to Alex Rozier of Mississippi Today —