Financial documents released for Chico board race – Chico Enterprise-Record

CHICO — Financial documents breaking down campaign funding for the Chico City Council race were filed and released Thursday.

There are eight candidates spread across four Chico districts with only two of the races containing a seated candidate.

During each election cycle, candidates who have raised enough money to meet the threshold must file a 460 document with the county or city.

This document details campaign finances such as money raised, loans, expenses and a list of all donors. Donors can be individuals, corporations, and political action committees, often referred to as PACs.

Municipal races consist of:

District 2: Morgan Kennedy vs. Kasey Reynolds

District 3: Dale Bennett vs. Monica McDaniel

District 4: Nichole Nava vs. Addison Winslow

District 6: Jesica Giannola vs. Tom Van Overbeek

The latest 460 consists of information collected between July 1 and September 24, although in the cases of Bennett, Reynolds and Van Overbeek the information goes back to the first of the year.

The election will take place on November 8, 2022.


Morgan Kennedy

Kennedy collected $13,316 in monetary contributions and took out $10,000 in loans, bringing his total cash contributions to $23,316 plus $1,286 in non-monetary contributions.

So far, his campaign has spent $11,481.77, bringing his total ending balance to $13,121.19.

The following people donated to Kennedy’s campaign:

$100-199: Laurel Yorks, Auburn Menefee, Patrick Newman, Edward Caldwell, Laurel Heath, Karen Rogers, Ryan Schwab, Robin Keehn, David Uhlich, Irving Schiffman, Ann Bykerk-Kauffman, Melinda Vasquez, Anita Wolfson, Jean Andrews, Martha Dunlap, Susan Mason, Betty Maxwell, Karen Rogers, Julian Zener, Carol Meurer, Margaret Worley, Julia Jenkins, Jasper Lerch, Christy Santos, Kevin Thompson, Keegan Nazari, Zebulun Pawledge, V. Haskell, David McKinney, Ray Testman, Sonia Aery, Suzanne Toaspern-Holm , Mary Carlisle, Elizabeth Cornelius

$200-299: William Monroe, Dennis Deromedi, Henry Schleiger, Steve Kennedy, Daniel Law, Christine Mueller, Butte County Health Care Coalition

$500-599: David Welch, Shelby Beck, Stand Up For Chico, Daniel Toms, Andrew Holcombe, Debra Lucero, Democratic Action Club of Chico, Michael Bush, Alejandro Law, No On Butte County Gerrymandering, Julia Keener

Kasey Reynolds

Incumbent Vice Mayor Reynolds has raised $19,685 in monetary contributions since the start of the year as well as $1,000 in loans.

Reynolds made payments of $5,494.67, bringing his balance to $14,604.30.

The following individuals and groups have donated to Reynolds’ campaign:

$100-199: Penny D. Gallaway, Leslie Wright, Jeffrey G. Vesely, Marlene Merlo, Erickson Walnut Ranch, Kenneth C. Foreman, Lee Hamre, Sandra J. Jones, Lindsay K. Poulin, Peggy Werlhof, James B. Wood, Charles L. Geshekter , Cynthia Jo Haws, William P. Knudson, Gary Lowe, Arlyne Hazel, Jess Wills, Leah Wills, Stuart K. Hoetger

$200-299: Patsy L. Stile, Nicole Peterson, Rolynn E. Cardwell, John Nelsen, Ann Nielsen, Norman Nielsen, Frank Solinsky, C. Tenorio, Audrey E. Taylor, Mark Allen Chrisman, Philip W. Rowberg Jr., Larry C. Wahl, Joan Stewart Linda Tracy

$300-399: Robert L. Berry

$500-599: Brandi Laffins, William Sheridan, Lewis A. Everett, SF Bud Caldwell, PBM Supply & Manufacturing, Casino Chico, Law Offices of Lawrence A. Puritz, FastCabinet Doors Inc., Chico Police Officers Association, CS Dauterman, Esplanade Mini Storage, Jody Gallaway , Guillon Business Park Properties, Janet R. Jacobson, James Ledgerwood, Renee McAmis, 4-C Land & Farming Co./C&C Storage/Bill Chance Realty, Bill Webb Construction, Michael Koehnen, Kenvin L. Riley, John McAmis, Christine A Chrysler, Teresa M. Andrew, Chico Fire Legislative Group, Epick Inc., Oak Ridge Cabinets Inc.


Dale Bennett

Incumbent Bennett has raised $6,174 and taken out loans of $10,000, bringing his total contributions to $16,174.

His campaign spent $1,591.96, bringing his ending balance to $14,582.04.

Bennett’s donors are:

$100-199: Robert Bracewell, Penny Gallaway, Richard Stein

$200-299: Scott Chalmers, Kathy Chance, Diamond W Western Wear, Lester Heringer Jr., Syl Lucena, PBM Supply & Manufacturing Inc., Philip Rowberg

$500-599: Andrew Coolidge, Giampaoli Enterprises LP LLC, Peter Giampaoli, Todd Kimmelshue, Manuel Breslauer Estate Inc., McKinley Engineering, Russell, Gallaway Associates Inc., Thomas Van Overbeek

Monica McDaniel

McDaniel has raised $7,167 so far with an additional $140 in non-cash contributions and no loans received.

Of this amount, his campaign spent $2,248.67.

The following people have donated to McDaniel:

$100-199: Monica McDaniel, Addison Winslow, Michael Greer, Kathleen Huber, Glynda-Lee Hoffmann, Kevin Thompson, Martha Dunlap, Susan Mason, William Kurnizki, Charles Nelson, Scot Rushing, Richard N. Gould, John Merz, Tom Jordan, Robin Keehn

$200-299: Chico Police Officers Association, Michael McGinnis, Julia Keener, Chico Firefighters Legislative Group, Betty J. Credit, Steve Kennedy, Brooks Thorlaksson

$500-599: David Welch, Valerie Johnston, No on Butte County Gerrymandering, Andy Holcombe


Nichole Nava

Nava has so far raised $17,100 through monetary donations with no loans received.

His cash payments, as shown in his 460, total $5,558.97, leaving his balance at $11,541.03 on Thursday.

Nava donors are listed below:

$100-199: Patricia Bader, Katherine Burlington-Nay, Michele Burton, Elaine Byrd Irwin, Linda Chadbourne, Timothy Colbie, Marianne Eberhardt, Julie Estep, Ken Foreman, Linda George, Christine Gobba, James Hahn, Cynthia Haws, Lynn Hunter, Danielle Ius, Jackie Munoz , Peggy Jarolin, Yvonne Johnson, Nancy Jones, Southam Kirsten, Barbara Lams, Carol Lams, Mike Maloney, Jill McGillivray, Paula McLay, Teresa Nava, Kiersten Norris, Kolleen Pahland, Sherry Rhine, Susan Sanders, Kristen Schrock, Mary Ann Selak, Shea Karolyi, Susan Smead, James Smith, Roger Swanson, Snezhana Timoshchuk, Loretta Torres, Gerard Vanderleun, Marta Wheeler, Karin Willhoit, Fredrick Zanker

$200-299: Gina Bax, Thomas Bond, Scott Chalmers, Martha DeRe, William Dennison, Sherry Gillis, Nicole Peterson, Phyllis Sandy, William Sheridan, Patsy Stile, Larry Wahl, James Wood, Michael Willhoit, Leslie Wright

$300-399: John Adams, Country Squyer Antiquities, Michael Pryomski

$400-499: Alliance Environmental Services Inc.

$500-599: Chico Casino, Chico Fire Fighters Legislative Action Group, Chico Police Officers Association, Andrew Coolidge, Matthew Dutton, Glenn Greer, Christine Hall, Karl Hall, Margaret Harray, Frank Hill, Addison Kent, Antonio Morabito, PBM Supply & Manufacturing Inc., Janice Puritz, Tom Van Overbeek

Addison Winslow

So far, Winslow has raised a total of $17,606.27 plus a $1,700 loan, bringing his total to $19,306.27.

His campaign has spent $6,046 so far, bringing his ending balance to $13,260.27.

Winslow donors are listed below:

$100-199: Ted Baca, Jennifer Barnett, Ann Bykerk-Kauffman, Jacob Davis, Martha Dunlap, Manny Escalante, Kenneth Fleming, Therese Frankenberg, Bryce Goldstein, Shannon Heater, Kathleen Huber, Jack Krause, Aaron Kunst, William Kurnizki, Jon Luvass, Grace Marvin, Susan Mason, Katherine McCarthy, Christine Nelson, Max Porter, Heather Schlaff, Ryan Schwab, Evalani Washington, Charles Withuhn

$200-299: Edward Caldwell, Bob and Sue Cotrell, Kathleen DeMaria, Dennis Deromedi, Robyn Engel, Linda Furr, Felipe Garcia, Todd Hall, Robin Keehn, Julia Keener, Dawn Kusumoto, William Monroe, John Merz, Christine Mueller, North State Medicare for All, Kim Nott, Jeffrey Obser, Nancy Park, Julie Quinn, Alyssa Rincon, Susan Tchudi, Julie Zener

$300-399: Paula Busch, Michael McGinnis, Nancy Wirtz

$400-499: Elizabeth Devereaux, Carrie Tatreau,

$500-599: Bridget Blair, Democratic Action Club of Chico, Andrew Holcombe, Debra Lucero, No On Butte Gerrymandering, Ann Ponzio, Stand Up For Chico, Max Steiner, Daniel Toms, David Welch


Jessica Giannola

Jesica Giannola raised $5,551 in the first reporting period without any loans taken out, plus an additional $316.80 in non-monetary contributions.

So far, Giannola has spent $3,828.62, leaving her balance at $4,145.42.

Here are Giannola’s campaign donors:

$100-199: Jesica Giannola, Morgan Kennedy, James Henson, Roben Keehn, Michael McGinnis, Julie Estep, Ann Bykerk-Kauffman, William Huber, Susan Mason, Brianne Epley, Dirk Walls

$200-299: Christine Mueller, Julia Keener

$300-399: Nancy Park, Democratic Action Club of Chico

$500-599: Daniel Toms, Andrew Holcombe, Stand Up for Chico, David Welch, Debra Lucero, Scott Rushing

Tom VanOverbeek

Year-to-date, Van Overbeek has raised $41,945, including $7,700 from July 1 to September 1. 24, with no loan contracted.

Van Overbeek has spent a total of $26,031.56 since the start of the year. His cash balance at the end was $15,913.44.

Van Overbeek’s donors are:

$100-199: Billson Construction Co. Inc., George Boeger Jr., Robert Feeney, Ronald Gray, Edgar Kimball, Catherine Leyden, Mattew C Depa Inc., Rebecca Meester, Chris Nicodermus, Robert Ryan, Steve Schaefer, Loretta Torres, Mark Wolfe

$200-299: Sherri Brouhard, Thomas Dowd, William Knudsen, Robert Kromer

$300-399: Addison Kent Jr.

$500-599: Dale Bennett, Durfee for Supervisor, Epick, Inc., Marilyn Everett, Dan Gonzales, Brandi Laffins, James Paiva Jr., Humberto Rodriguez, Russell, Gallaway and Associates Inc.