GTA Online’s Criminal Enterprise Update Expands CEOs, Bikers, Arms Dealers and Nightclubs

The Criminal Enterprise Update is now live, and that’s important.

Red Dead Online may not receive any major content updates in the future, but Rockstar is far from done when it comes to GTA Online. The Criminal Enterprises update revealed last week has officially gone live on all platforms, and the gaming community has been busy breaking down exactly what’s new and what’s changed, including all the added perks. for various groups across Los Santos.

The update trailer was led by the reveal that in-game gas prices have skyrocketed and San Andreas is in the midst of a heat wave. Maybe a little too close to home on that front. Hopefully the rest of the changes introduced aren’t things you can point out in your real life. New Special Cargo increasing the variety of white-collar crime missions available to executives, eg.


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Executives aren’t the only criminals in GTA Online who can benefit from today’s update. This is the criminal enterprise update after all. MC Presidents at Clubs with a Custom Bike Shop will be able to modify customer bikes in exchange for GTA$ and RP. The Gunrunners will have two new resupply missions at their disposal, and if you’re a nightclub owner, you can now call Tony to start club management missions.

A datamine before the update went live hinted that players would soon have the option to skydive, and also pointed out something that would allow them to leave the island. While a skydiving activity has indeed been added to GTA Online, no new areas have opened up. It is possible that the information discovered is related to Cayo Perico. The new island was previously only available for his heist, but now you can also run there.

On top of all that, a new vehicle is also available now. The Greenwood, which will cost you GTA$1.465 million. The game also now has Golden AirPodsbut they are called Beat Offs, the web filters on in-game websites have been significantly improvedand as said some time ago, jobs created by users will appear on Newswire. A heavy and exciting update, and all of the above will be available to all players once the update is applied.

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