Jason Calacanis Net Worth 2022: How Wealthy Are Angel Investors?

Angel investor Jason Calacanis first became a notable figure due to his entrepreneurial ventures during the dot-com bubble. His most successful project was co-founding Weblogs, Inc. He later became an author and podcast host. As of 2022, Jason Calacanis has a net worth of $100 million.


Jason was born on November 28, 1970 and grew up in Brooklyn, New York. Calacanis is one of three children. All are boys of Irish and Greek descent.

For his high school education, he went to Xaverian High School and he graduated from the institution in 1988. He then went on to study at Fordham University and got a degree in psychology.

After college, Jason didn’t immediately plunge into the business world. He began his career as a journalist documenting the rise of the online industry in New York in the 1990s.

Business career

Calacanis saw great potential in the internet for business opportunities. So he founded Rising Tide Studios, a media company that published print and digital periodicals. His publications include Venture Reporter, Silicon Alley Reporter and Digital Coast Reporter.

However, his first online chase was not a big success. In 2003, he earned his big break by co-founding Weblogs, Inc. with fellow internet entrepreneur Brian Alvey. Billionaire Mark Cuban helped them with angel investments and the blogging network instantly became a hit.

Two years after the start of the adventure, Webblogging was purchased by Time Warner’s America Online for over $25 million. Later, Jason worked at Netscape and Sequoia Capital. He also launched the search engine, which was subsequently shut down in 2014.

Other Efforts

In 2009, Calacanis attempted various business ventures. He created the Open Angel Forum, a way to connect start-up companies with angel investors. They have managed events with the LAUNCH conference.

He also started an hour-long weekly podcast called “This Week in Startups” in 2009. The show was briefly shut down in 2012, but it’s currently one of the most influential podcasts related to angel investing. . In 2022 Jason co-hosted another podcast called “All In” with Chamath Palihapitiya, David Sacks and David Friedberg.

In 2017 he published his book, “Angel: How to Invest in Tech Startups”. Jason started The Syndicate, an angel investment club that hosts three syndicates. Additionally, he is behind the creation of the Sydney Launch Festival in Australia, which gives local businesses a chance to go global.

Net worth and earnings

Over the past decade, Jason Calacanis has invested in over 300 companies. He became an angel investor in well-known brands like Trello, Thumbtack, Uber, Calm, Wealthfront and Robinhood. But before that, he had already accumulated a considerable amount by selling Weblogs, Inc.

Today, the famous tycoon is reported to earn $4 million every year from his businesses and investments. Of course, there’s also his income from his podcasts, book sales, and angel investment club. That’s why he’s currently worth $100 million.

Private life

Jason Calacanis is married to Jade Li. Together they are blessed with three children. They once lived in Los Angeles, California, but the family moved to San Francisco.