Leading business transformation with Orange Business Services

Founded over 140 years ago, Ericsson has always been guided by the principle that access to communications is a basic human need. Since then, we’ve continued to deliver breakthrough solutions and innovate technology for good. We have always spent a tremendous amount of time and effort collaborating with others to create meaningful connections. We enable the ecosystem to unlock the full potential of the Internet of Things (IoT) and help enterprise and service provider communities utilize IoT solutions globally.

Orange Business Services, a global network-native digital services company, is one of our long-standing service provider partners. Our partnership is an example of innovative collaboration and what’s possible when we combine our strengths, whether it’s preventing and monitoring security threats, enabling smart coffee machines, connecting more a million cars or to provide 5G to the steel and mining industries.

Respond to security threats

We recently worked closely with Orange Business Services to develop a new security offering for enterprise customers. With over five billion cellular IoT devices in use by the end of 2027, detecting and responding to security threats is vital. Ericsson’s IoT Accelerator security offering enables service providers to provide security services to complement their IoT connectivity solutions for enterprise customers.

Orange Business Services offers the service under the name IoT Services Controlled. It is available on top of Orange Business Services’ IoT Managed Global Connectivity solution based on Ericsson’s award-winning IoT Accelerator platform. The IoT Accelerator platform enables cost-effective and reliable IoT global connectivity management and operations for businesses of any size anywhere in the world.

Luc Savage, IoT Marketing Director, Orange Business Services, says: “Security is paramount to our enterprise customers. With this service, we can offer a much-requested IoT security monitoring and mitigation service in addition to our international connectivity services. Thanks to our partnership with Ericsson, we can prevent an attack and react accordingly with this solution while ensuring that our customers’ data is well protected.”

Enabling smart coffee machines

Smart coffee machines

Imagine connecting coffee machines and managing them remotely in offices and cafes. This is what the family business de Jong DUKE, headquartered in the Netherlands, can now offer its customers. Using global IoT connectivity provided by Orange Business Services, de Jong DUKE’s ConnectMe platform provides detailed real-time information on coffee machines, including coffee consumption, cleaning cycles and proactive maintenance requirements. Orange Business Services’ managed global IoT connectivity solution, powered by Ericsson’s IoT Accelerator platform, provides de Jong DUKE with secure and reliable cellular IoT connectivity. This enables efficient data collection to monitor its connected coffee machines.

End-to-end connectivity is ensured between de Jong DUKE’s connected coffee machines, equipped with Orange IoT SIM cards. This enables de Jong DUKE to manage its IoT connected devices regionally and globally through a single, easy-to-use connectivity management platform supported by the Orange network and associated roaming agreements. Ericsson and Orange Business Services work closely together to optimize IoT experiences for customers around the world, providing a truly global platform to deliver a seamless customer experience. In this case, the partnership supports de Jong DUKE’s customers in Europe and the United States, providing them with the services they expect.

Connecting over a million cars in Europe

Connect millions of cars

Of the billions of IoT devices that will be in use by 2027, cars account for a significant portion and influence the way we use and plan mobility on the road. Service providers play a decisive role in the evolution of the connected car market. To this end, owners and passengers of more than one million cars in 63 countries/territories across Europe can now enjoy advanced IoT services, following a collaboration between Orange Business Services and Japanese operator KDDI, made possible by our IoT Accelerator platform. The platform provides advanced eSIM technology, strong service development capability and secure IoT connectivity to enable advanced applications for connected cars.

KDDI chose Orange Business Services as its partner for connected vehicles in European markets, leveraging the ability to offer unified services across multiple markets. Like Orange Business Services, KDDI is also an established and long-term partner IoT Accelerator telecommunications service provider of Ericsson.

Combined with Orange’s cellular networks with extensive roaming agreements across Europe, the IoT Accelerator platform enables automakers to manage and monitor car fleets with reliable cellular IoT connectivity. Connected car data insights also advance their operations through global visibility and control of their assets while enhancing the driver experience. eCall capability improves driver and passenger safety by speeding up emergency response.

Valerie Cussac, Executive Vice President, Smart Mobility Services at Orange Business Services, said: “Today’s most innovative automakers are leveraging IoT to deliver the driving experience consumers demand. Ericsson IoT Accelerator enables Orange Business Services to provide these innovative connected services. to global companies.”

Seigo Fukuhara, Managing Director of KDDI Europe Ltd., said, “Connected IoT services are paramount to improving the experience of KDDI customers. Orange’s IoT platform offers new levels of convenience in terms of personalized services for car manufacturers. This allows their drivers to enjoy the very best in safety, security and in-car experience.”

Designing the steel and mining industries of tomorrow

Steel and mining industries

The vision of the digital future of the steel and mining industries is being tested at the recently opened Digital Lab in Dunkirk, France. Established by ArcelorMittal, one of the world’s leading steel and mining companies, the Digital Lab and 5G Steel Consortium are designed to bring the best of digital innovation to advance the steel and mining industries. Ericsson and Orange Business Services are member partners providing 5G technology.

But it is not just about preparing the future steel industry; it’s about leveraging cellular technology for industrial use today. Currently, Ericsson 5G private cellular networks will be deployed at AccelerorMittal’s industrial sites in France over the next three years. Orange Business Services, Ericsson and ArcelorMittal France developed this project together, leveraging Ericsson’s technology leadership in 4G/5G private cellular networks for advanced industrial use cases and high-risk sites and Orange Business Services expertise in integration and support. With private networks, this means workers and machine operators can roam freely with reliable connectivity anywhere on site. Additionally, low latency can support autonomous vehicles and remote-controlled machinery and security in high-risk areas.

These are just a few examples of how powerful partnerships like Orange Business Services can really make a difference in addressing enterprise customer challenges and accelerating the entire IoT ecosystem.