Man arrested after allegedly assaulting Chico police officer – Chico Enterprise-Record

A man was arrested Friday night after allegedly assaulting a Chico police officer with a deadly weapon. Chico Police say around 1:12 p.m., officers were dispatched to the 1000 Columbus Ave block on a report of a man violating a domestic violence restraining order.
As police said they were developing a plan, the reporter told police Orlando Robinson, 38, was aggressive and making suicide cop reports.
Officers later learned that Robinson was trying to enter an apartment he did not belong in, and when they arrived they found Robinson in the middle of Columbus Ave holding what police believed was a black metal pipe. ,
According to police, a patrol sergeant contacted Robinson to defuse the situation. However, Robinson allegedly made threatening gestures with the object and assumed a swinging position as if to strike the sergeant.
Police said Robinson was able to come within a few feet of the officer before a Taser was deployed. Officers say the initial Taser failed and Robinson began to walk away from the sergeant while continuing to gesture and make violent threats.
According to police, the sergeant then tasered Robinson a second time, knocking him to the ground and incapacitating him for several seconds.
Despite the second Taser, police said Robinson bragged that it didn’t have the desired effect and was still near the metal object, which police say still posed a threat. important for other agents.
According to police, Robinson then began to get up, at which point, they say, officers fired a 12-gauge bean bag at Robinson, hitting him in the upper body. According to police, that’s when Robinson stopped being aggressive, complied with police, and was safely arrested.
In addition to assaulting a police officer with a deadly weapon, he was arrested for obstructing and delaying a police officer, and breaching a restraining order.
Police took Robinson to an area hospital to be medically cleared for what police say were superficial injuries to his upper body from the tasers and the bean bag.
Chico police said they recently replaced their patrol rifles with less-lethal 12-gauge shotguns and less-lethal 40-millimeter sponge bullets.

Chico police noted that no officers were injured in the incident. Police also said the case was a “great example” of how situations can turn dangerous quickly and how de-escalation techniques and effective less-than-lethal force options can significantly reduce the risk of death. use of deadly force.