Patriotic Heroes – Born Again – Sentinel and Enterprise

America’s year of rebirth began late on election night 2022, when it became clear that the worst had not happened.

Despite what the polls, politicians and pundits had told us to expect: A red wave that would sweep over our land and democratically take over America. Or destroy American democracy in a wave of hatred, anger and revenge.

Neither happened. Because there were millions of real heroes — common-sense patriots who were Republicans and Republican-leaning independents — who had had enough of Donald Trump’s Big Lie madness. Finally, on that election night (perhaps after taking a careful look at the face in the bathroom mirror), they did what they knew all along that they needed to do to really make America even more beautiful. They just said “No! No more!” Gone is naive election denial, in which smart people who, of course, knew better, continued to confuse loyalty to republicanism with the pretense of denying the legality and reality of the 2020 election results.

This decision to say “No More!”, made by voters on behalf of what they once knew as their Grand Old Party, was what one Democrat was really talking about on election night, in his acceptance speech after his win. overwhelming as Maryland’s next. governor.

“Real patriotism is alive and well – in Maryland … and in the United States of America,” said Wes Moore, an Army veteran and reservist, who was also a Rhodes Scholar and investment banker. “…Patriotism is knowing that this country is great. But if we work together, we’ll make it even bigger, because more people will benefit.

Thus, the next morning, the Republican Governor of Maryland, Larry Hogan, whose term was limited after serving eight years, met the Democrat who will be his successor. They thought they should meet right away — just to remind the people of Maryland how things were going.

They are men of decidedly different political opinions. Hogan, the son of a famous Republican congressman who served on the House committee that voted to impeach Richard Nixon, had refused to endorse his party’s gubernatorial candidate, Republican Dan Cox, who was a a vocal supporter of Donald Trump and a vocal denier of the 2020 election. Both Hogan and Moore are bald; but you are not likely to confuse one with the other. Moore will be Maryland’s first black governor. And it’s a point Moore touched on, quite poignantly, during his acceptance speech the night before.

“I first felt handcuffs when I was 11,” Moore said. “What if someone had told me when I was 11, in handcuffs, that one day you would be governor of Maryland,” I wouldn’t have believed them. But I also know that no one ever told me that. We need to change the dynamic that we have with our young people. We have to change the dynamic that we have in our communities. … We must address the immediate challenges of public safety, but also address the root causes of crime.

As Moore spoke about his life and his vision, it became clear that this is exactly the kind of newcomer that Joe Biden’s Democratic Party will eventually realize he needs to introduce. The Biden National Democrats are a team that seems to have a small group of potential leaders who could one day be on someone’s presidential slate. Almost everywhere you’ve looked in this campaign, Democrats have found themselves under attack for not talking about crime — and how to make us safer.

Moore says public safety isn’t a political thing for him — “it’s personal.” And as governor-elect of Maryland, he spoke of the urgency of “fixing a broken parole and probation system in which a third of all violent offenders continue to return to the streets.” Also: “We must remove these illegal weapons from our neighborhoods. But it also means we can’t shut down or weaponize our output. »

One thing Joe Biden’s worn-out party needs is a future leader who has, at least, a clue as to how the law-and-order party of America’s Democrats is doing. Or even just how to talk about it. Hmmm, the last time was maybe when the police cars had running boards and the cops stood on them as they raced through the streets, chasing bad guys on our movie screens, in black and white.

Welcome to the rebirth of a concept. We are on the case.

Martin Schram, opinion columnist for Tribune News Service, is a veteran Washington journalist, writer and television documentary filmmaker. Readers can email him at [email protected]