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Last year, as pandemic lockdowns were lifted, there were multiple discussions within the streaming industry about whether or not entertainment-based subscriptions would decline from pandemic highs (they did done) and whether hybrid business meetings and trade shows would be all the rage (they haven’t).

To further help Streaming Media Understanding the fluid nature of “office work” and the parallel use of enterprise video, we are launching our second annual Enterprise Video Trends Survey.

We’re once again partnering with Help Me Stream Research Foundation, and the results of this survey will be featured in Nomveber as part of the Enterprise track at Streaming Media West 2022 in Huntington Beach, CA. Streaming Media and representatives from Help Me Stream will be joined by an as-yet-unknown sponsor to present the results, not only of this year’s survey, but also the trends emerging in both the 2021 annual corporate video surveys. and 2022.

While each of us has had to navigate new terms like “Zoom fatigue” and even virtual happy hours, there’s also been a bit of a return to normality with in-person events over the past few months.

It was great to see hundreds of familiar faces at Streaming Media East 2022 in Boston in May, but we’re curious if this has become the new norm or if hybrid events are also on the rise. So part of this year’s survey asks you to tell us about not only virtual events, but also about in-person and hybrid events (those where attendees have the choice of in-person or virtual attendance).

With this return to in-person events, we’re also curious to see if the benefits of virtual events (and also what frustrates you the most) are being incorporated into the in-person events you attended.

Finally, we’d like to know the features and functionality of your enterprise video solutions (EVP), from platform to player, and how those needs may have changed as businesses and organizations ask their employees to return in the office.

The survey has 39 questions, divided into past, current, and future trends in corporate video. Based on our totally unscientific testing from today’s survey, it should take over 20 minutes.


If you end up taking it on a mobile device, especially a smartphone, we recommend turning the phone sideways (landscape mode) as some of the questions have two columns of data.

This is an anonymous survey, so you don’t need to share any personally identifiable information. However, if you would like to be considered for the prize draw, simply leave your email address at the end of the survey. This year’s prize is a choice of two (2) hours of Help Me Stream Research Foundation consulting or a $250.00 gift card. A winner will be drawn

You can complete the survey at https://www.research.net/r/enterprisevideo2022 by September 30.

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