Reasons Ukraine’s fight is our fight – Chico Enterprise-Record

War is brewing in Europe. Russia has positioned more than 125,000 troops on Ukraine’s borders and issued an outrageous ‘ultimatum’ to avert war. The parallels with Hitler’s 1938 ultimatum against Czechoslovakia, which the West cowardly adhered to, are obvious.

Ukraine is a democracy that aspires to independence. It is a European nation that largely shares our culture and our values. Ronald Reagan was right to say, “We must not break with those who risk their lives to challenge aggression and secure the rights that have been ours since birth.

For those who don’t believe in American exceptionalism, there is another argument. In 1994, the United States promised that we would guarantee the territorial integrity of Ukraine in exchange for giving up the nuclear weapons they inherited during the collapse of the USSR. In 1992 Ukraine had the third largest nuclear force in the world. Does anyone think Putin would threaten Ukraine if he had nuclear ICBMs targeting Moscow? Do pacifists who call on us to “stay out” expect another country to give up its nuclear weapons in the future if Ukraine is invaded after giving up theirs?

Those who claim that “Ukraine is not our fight” are wrong. Whether they are motivated by contempt for democracy and covetousness of the dictatorial powers wielded by Putin, or motivated by the desire for peace at any cost, they are wrong. The United States must stand with Ukraine against Russia and with democracy against dictatorship. Ukraine’s fight is OUR fight.

— Max Steiner, Chico