Remote-controlled racetracks welcome Halloween – Chico Enterprise-Record

CHICO — The staff at AMain Sports & Hobbies were still setting up a Halloween-themed racetrack when guests enthusiastically started pouring in with their custom remote-controlled cars and trucks.

The store, which offers a selection of remote-controlled planes, helicopters, drones, cars and trucks, got in on some spooky fun on Sunday with its episode of a remote-controlled micro-crawling and drifting event. For the Halloween event, racers could drive on tracks decorated with smoke, lights, and other Halloween decor.

AMain Sports & Hobbies was started by Kendall Bennett and Kelly Bennett in their two-car garage in Chico in 2004, the company’s website said. The pair expanded their business into what now includes two 50,000 square foot locations in California and North Carolina.

Sam Patton took his remote control truck to AMain Sports & Hobbies with his friends. Although Patton was introduced to the world of remote control cars by a friend shortly after the pandemic caused a nationwide shutdown, Patton quickly got to grips with the concept of building and customizing his remote control car. due to its long automotive history.

“I love it,” Patton said. “They’re basically just mini cars. There’s a huge amount of ways and choices to choose from and each choice has a different purpose. You have bashers, crawlers, drifters, draggers. There’s a bit of everything when it comes to this hobby.

Riley Meyers’ introduction to remote control cars began in 2012 when he acquired a remote control toy quality buggy.

“It was cheap and fun, but they break pretty fast,” Myers said. “But now so much has changed in remote control cars. Now there are so many other ways to go about it. Like, now there are at least four different sizes of crawlers at this point , and different bashers. It’s kind of like a kind of choose-it-yourself adventure. You can do whatever you want with it.”

The company also owns another track at the Silver Dollar RC Raceway Outdoor Dirt Track located at 101 Silver Dollar Way.

“We’re just trying to provide fun for the community,” said Jabari Clark, retail store manager. “A lot of these people today are locals and regulars – some of them even go to work to improve the look of the course. Remote control cars aren’t what they used to be. Now they are much faster , more fun and easier to replace parts. The experience is not at all the same as it was years ago. People come in and are amazed at the quality.

More information about AMain Sports & Hobbies can be found on the company’s Facebook page or website.