Space X should buy Boeing, says investor

Photo: Boeing

Space X should buy Boeing and then break it up, says lead investor Duncan Davidson, a partner at Bullpen Capital.

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As Boeing struggles to rebuild its business after massive losses caused by COVID, two fatal 737 MAX crashes and significant challenges getting planes certified, Davidson said Boeing investors would be better rewarded if SpaceX, the spaceship manufacturer founded by Elon Musk, bought Boeing and went bankrupt. it’s rising.

According Looking for Alpha Mr. Davidson made the claim in an interview on Thursday with business news channel CNBC.

“Elon likes to fix things. Boeing needs to be fixed,” Davidson said. “Maybe it’s the Boeing space segment, which is what Elon would want, would be relatively cheap. Because I think Boeing is selling at a huge discount on a breakout value.

In such a scenario, Seeking Alpha said SpaceX would acquire Boeing and divest its defense and commercial aircraft business unit. These measures would position SpaceX to win longer-term contracts with the US government, such as for spacecraft that transport astronauts to and from the International Space Station.

“The reason Elon is the right person, by the way, is because Boeing needs to get back to an engineering culture,” Davidson said, pointing to the 797 as an aircraft that never came off the board. to drawing. “The culture of engineering would have launched it. The financial culture does not launch anything.

Musk, who also founded electric car pioneer Tesla last month, has struck a $44 billion deal to privatize social media platform Twitter.

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