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Readers might get really confused if they came across a copy of the Enterprise from, say, February 1959 – at least that’s what happened to me. [Other stories from that same edition will follow that are not at all confusing.]


Now let me clear things up – the APA we all know and love was only created in 1971, by an act of the New York State Legislature, “to develop long-term public and private land use plans for the largest park in the continental United States.”

As a reporter, I covered the first meeting of the real Adirondack Park agency.

New York State’s newest Conservation Commissioner, Harold G. Wilm, was speaking at a dinner attended by more than 200 people at the Saranac Hotel on that cold, below-zero night, he barely 63 years ago.

The dinner was hosted by the Adirondack Park Association – aka the APA.

“Arthur Benson of North Hudson has been elected the new president of the Adirondack Park Association to succeed Roy Higby of Big Moose, owner of Frontiertown, who has held the position for four years.”

Also speaking at dinner: Apparently the commissioner gave a long speech and pointed out “rational management of forest land” and say, “it means the use of forest resources for the maximum benefit of all concerned.”

The group then heard from State Senator Robert McEwen (later Congressman McEwen), a member of the Joint Legislative Committee on Natural Resources; Assemblyman Bob Main, Chairman of the Joint Legislative Committee on Winter Tourism and Essex County Assemblyman Grant Johnson spoke briefly.

“APA Land Use Review”

“A review of state land use policy in the Adirondack Forest Preserve, improving state highways in the Adirondack Park, increasing state appropriations for tourism promotion and the placement of entrances to major Adirondack roads were requested yesterday afternoon at the Adirondack Park Association’s annual business session.

“falsifier” Gerald LaFountain sets jump record; m10,000 spectators watching — LP wins 6 of 9 trophies

“Gerald LaFountain, a freshman at Saranac Lake High School and member of the Lake Placid Ski Club, set a record 49 feet and he had the highest overall score of 140.6 at the Ski Championships Eastern New York State and United States Amateur held at Bear Mountain yesterday afternoon. [Thursday, Feb. 12, 1959.]

“More than 10,000 spectators watched the Lake Placid Club walk away with six of a possible nine trophies.

“LaFountain mixed a 44-foot jump with his 49-foot jump record.

“His efforts eclipsed the consistent performance of Bob Birk, a newcomer to the sport from Bloomingdale’s, who jumped 48 feet and 47 feet for 138.6 points in the 15-17 division.

“The Lake Placid contestants completed the sweep with 8-year-old Jay Rand, Jr. leading the division for under-ten pee wees. [Jay went on to compete in the 1968 Olympic Winter Games in Grenoble, France.]

“Bobby Peacock gave Lake Placid the top two spots in the 10-14 division when he jumped 45 and 44 feet for 137.3 points.

“The lone girl participant, Sandra Vitvitsky, 12, a sixth-grade student from Lake Placid, ran two 39-foot efforts for 128.6 points, eighth among 27, 10-14.

“The other jumpers who represented the Lake Placid Ski Club and their two jumps were: Age Group 15-17 — P. Greghorn of Lake Placid (44-43), third.

“In the 10-14 group – AC Wetherill of Lake Placid, (42-43) fifth; J. Colby of Lake Placid (38-42) seventh; L. Adler of Lake Placid (39-38), ninth; J. Munn of Saranac Lake (36-37), tenth; J. Nugent of Lake Placid, (39-38), eleventh; T. Colby of Lake Placid, (35-33), thirteenth.

“Under 10 – D. Jesmer of Lake Placid (32-33), third; E. Hess of Lake Placid, (39-37), tenth; [didn’t Hess beat Jesmer with two longer jumps?]; W. Stanton of Lake Placid, (29-27), eleventh.

[Man, I’ve given the LaFountain family a lot of ink lately. Gerald is the son of Bea and Mose LaFountain whose big Christmas bash for kids at their nightclub was featured here a few weeks ago. “Faker” is the brother of Lorraine “Peppie” Fobare and Jim and Mose LaFountain.]

Bobsleigh World Championships

“ST. MORITZ, Switzerland (AP) — The 1959 World Four-Man Bobsled Championships open here on Saturday with a dramatic battle between the United States, West Germany and Italy who are expected to feature in the competition.

“West German Franz Schelle and his crew are favourites. Schelle broke her own record three times in five tries this week.

“Americans, Art Tyler of Weston, MA., and Stan Benham of Lake Placid, NY, also bettered the old record in practice sessions.”

[By coincidence, John Morgan of the Morgan family bobsled dynasty and commentator for the ABC Bobsled Races all over the world is in Switzerland right now. Hey, you heard it first.]

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