Vote for Durfee, and Law and Order – Chico Enterprise-Record

Driving around Chico, it’s impossible not to notice our homelessness issue. Using the term “homeless” is a generous term, as the majority should be classified as vagrants. These people choose to be “homeless” because the city allows them to camp where they want, not out of necessity, but out of choice.

Drive down Highway 99 and check out the bike paths. Take a look at Comanche Creek. Lindo Channel is littered with makeshift tents and lean-to structures, all surrounded by rubbish, shopping carts and rubbish. Drugs are everywhere, dirty syringes by the thousands.

These people are stealing favors from you and me. These vagabonds patrol neighborhoods on stolen bikes and paint a dollar sign $ on the road in front of all homes that have access to free electricity and water. This is a signal to other wanderers that your home is an easy target.

Along with burglaries and car break-ins, property crimes are spiraling out of control. Chico now ranks well above the national average for property crimes and the majority stems from this problem of vagrancy.

It’s time for a change. This madness must stop. Peter Durfee, a decorated police officer from Chico, is the answer. Sergeant Durfee is a community first, safety first, who can and will solve Chico’s vagrancy problem.

My June 7 vote is for Officer Peter Durfee, my vote is for Law and Order.

—Hunter Hampton, Chico