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For the editor:

If my car broke down and I was stuck on the side of the road, which congressional candidate would stop?

I can imagine Representative Elise Stefanik, on the phone, not looking outside the district she represents. I’m invisible to her, as invisible as I feel when she takes radical right wing positions and steps, she does it because that’s what her constituents believe. I am invisible because she does not organize events to interact with the public. I’m invisible because she has bodyguards protecting her from me. I am invisible because she is inflexible and chooses not to really listen to other points of view. I’m invisible to her because I’m not important. I’m invisible to her because I can’t help her get the power she so desperately needs. I’m invisible to her because she doesn’t care about me.

Can I imagine Matt Castelli stopping to help me with my vehicle? Yes, because he sees me/us. He listens carefully and tries to fully understand the concerns I have. He shows up at area events, eager to strike up conversation, and shows up at local businesses enjoying his burgers. He is authentic. If I disagree with a position he holds, he listens why, explains how he made the decision, and I leave feeling understood and respected. He wants to debate Elise so we can hear both of their opinions before we vote. She declined his invitations.

If I can’t trust a congressman to at least roll down the window and see if I’m okay, why would I vote for him? We need a representative who sees us, knows us and advocates for our needs in Congress. We need an honest representative, living by values ​​that benefit the whole, transparent and accessible.

If this is how you feel too, please join me in voting for Matt Castelli for Congress on November 8th.

Margot Gold

Saranac Lake

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